The ultimate vehicle enthusiast app for the road and track

Modern UI. PIP camera. GPS. OBD. Sensor data. Heart rate.

  • Lap timing for the racetrack

  • Multi-stop routes for the road

  • Picture-in-picture video

  • Instantly share video & data


Start your engines

The ultimate lap timer

  • Clean user interface

  • Visual bars and time display

  • Full data logging

  • Customizable audio callouts


The great outdoors

Spirited drives and road trips

  • Plan & save multi-stop routes

  • Video recording while routing

  • Clear view of distance, time, and weather for each stop


One device, two cameras

GoPro not required

  • Single or dual camera video uses front and back cameras

  • Customizable camera layout

  • Customizable video overlays

  • Instantly edit & share video from photo gallery


Review. Visualize. Share.

Video. Maps. Charts. Data.

  • Share data directly from the app with AirDrop

  • Share videos directly from the Photo Gallery

  • Sleek intuitive user interface supports dark and light mode


Windscreen mount

For optimal GPS reception and video recording the phone should be mounted on the windshield. Our favorite mount is a low cost, adjustable, sturdy, and low profile suction cup mount.

We prefer to mount the phone horizontally in landscape orientation right under the rear view mirror. You can preview the video while fine tuning the mount by starting a session and tapping the camera icon for a live camera preview.

Bluetooth OBD adaptor

A Bluetooth OBD adaptor allows Track Attack to record vehicle RPM, throttle position, wheel speed, fluid temperatures, and other parameters. Our recommended BLE OBD adaptor is low-cost and tested to be compatible with Track Attack.

Note that very low-cost OBD adaptors use counterfeit chips and will not function correctly. We have thoroughly tested our recommended adaptor over countless hours.

Tech Specs

CameraFully configurable single camera or dual camera (picture-in-picture). Selectable front or back camera as main or PIP camera. PIP placement: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right. PIP size: small/medium/large. Video stabilization: low/medium/high. Camera lens: telephoto, wide, ultrawide. Resolution: 1080p/4K single camera, 1080p PIP. Frame rate: 30/60 FPS single camera, 30 FPS dual camera.
Locationlatitude, longitude, altitude, speed, course, horizontal accuracy, vertical accuracy, speed accuracy, course accuracy.
Inertialtri-axial accelerometer & gyroscope
Magnetictri-axial magnetic vectors, magnetic heading
Barometricbarometric pressure
OBDengine speed (RPM), throttle position, vehicle speed, engine load, intake air temperature (IAT), intake manifold absolute pressure (MAP), water temperature, oil temperature. Vehicle dependent: not all vehicles support all OBD parameters.
Weathertemperature, feels like temperature, max/min temperature, pressure, humidity, visibility, clouds, sunrise time, sunset time, wind speed, wind direction
File exportJSON: Track Attack native format, all available data with timing. CSV: import to other tools. Video: native format saved in Photo Gallery

*PIP camera requires iPhone XR, XS, or newer
*OBD data requires a supported OBD BLE adaptor

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